“Helping you achieve an authentic life”

Authentic = genuine

Through an extended effort, many people are now choosing to live a life that is consistent with their beliefs. Nobody needs to lie awake at night wondering if they can afford the life they are living. Through careful contemplation, many people are now deciding that they want to change their focus and simplify their lives.

No longer willing to live the same status quo life, some are deciding to down size. Down sizing means many different things to different people. Some see it simply as living the same life in a smaller space. To others it means a complete and comprehensive study to determine what is important in their life and are they living an authentic life that mirrors their beliefs. I believe many people who may not have thought about it yet, will come to the conclusion that this downsizing time is in deed a great opportunity for self reflection.

You may feel peaceful when you are in your garden. You may enjoy your time in a spa type bathroom languishing in a deep tub of too warm water. You may come alive when the entire family sits comfortably in the dining room for Sunday dinner. The T.V. may be your escape from the day to day troubles. I would encourage you to ask yourself where you get your personal joy… Now ask if that joy is being enhanced by your current home? Are you vacuuming a few rooms on a weekly basis but not using them in between? Are you paying high taxes for more space than you need? Don’t forget to factor in your utility bills. Are you heating or cooling more space than is necessary. If you travel frequently, do you have to arrange for grass cutting and snow removal? Or are you simply living beyond your means? Perhaps a spouse has left you or the children have gone for good this time. Opportunity for change is exciting but can be scary also.

When ever you make a large decision, it should be made carefully. This is the time to gather all your information and then make the decision that is best for you and you alone. Often the first piece of information is what your house worth is at the moment. Although the prices are down this year, remember if you are buying in the same market as the one you are selling in, it really doesn’t matter that much. BUT do yourself a favour and sell your home before you buy the new one. You should visit open houses, builder’s properties and different locations. Just don’t get talked into buying before you sell, that can be a risk you cannot afford to take. The inventory level is still impressive, so when you know what your home has sold for, there will be a home to buy.

Take the time to think about how you live, what you truly need and what you can afford to give up at this time. Remember to ask about the ability to bring pets with you if you are thinking about a condo. Don’t assume the rules will be able to be broken because your dog is so small or so cute. Also check out the parking available. It is not an option to bring your 2nd car and park in the visitor’s parking area on a regular basis. Speak to anybody you know that lives in the complex and find out what the issues are. There are always issues…. It is not the same as living in a home, where you make your own rules.

Condo living is all about freedom for some people. You can leave to travel and not worry about the property. If this is what you are aiming at, you will love it. You can also take advantage of many amenities that may include meeting other people that you will enjoy for walking, crafts, games, fitness and more. Condo boards are always looking for new people to get involved and that can be very rewarding.

I would also advise you to carefully choose a Realtor that can assist you in every step of the way. Realtors usually specialize in their area. We know the properties in our communities and we know the pros and cons about different properties. We can help you find the property that meets your needs. We will help you sell your home, take into consideration all your needs and help you find the property that will best meet them. We negotiate on your behalf using the experience we have received over many years in our chosen field.

I would like to tell you what I can personally do for you. I am an individual Realtor. I work personally with my clients. I do not have an assistant or buyer’s agent working for me. When you call me, I will answer. When you ask a question, I will answer it. I will give you my cell number so you can contact me when you need me. I am not saying that I have no life and will always be available, but I am available more than you will expect. I will also CARE about you and your circumstances. I will PROTECT you to the best of my ability. I will ATTEMPT to get you more money than other Realtors are willing to try for. If you look at the amounts I actually sell properties for, although it may take longer, they are usually higher than other properties in similar locations. I BELIEVE in the value of your home and I am going to try to get it for you.

So the first decision you should make is ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE? I am not high pressured in my demeanor so you don’t need to worry when you ask me to come and see you.

Secondly, let me know what you are thinking about and can we make the numbers work for the outcome you are wanting. I have some worksheets that will tell us what we need to know and consider.

Thirdly, we put your home on the market to see what amount we can sell it for. I handle all the details for you so it is as easy as possible for you. We keep a close eye on the market at this time, so you know everything is going to work out beautifully.

Fourthly, we are able to purchase a new home for you without any unnecessary conditions which would raise your purchase price. We will find the perfect home for you based on the changes you want to make. You call the mover, I bring you your keys and a nice house warming gift on possession day and we stay in contact for the rest of my life. If you are pleased with the job I have done, you tell all your friends and family about me and I have another set of happy clients.