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Thursday, March 24, 2011 - March Madness

March 24/2011 

Well March 2011 appears to be a month most of us would rather forget. After the disasters in Japan, I think most of us realize that cold snowy weather is not the worst that can happen. All the same, the weather is set to turn soon I hope!  With Spring, will come a sense of optimism and discovery. The Real Estate market is going to heat up in the next month. There is currently a good supply of homes available and it is going to be easier to get around, see the potential in the yards and imagine a fresh new start. The rates are being held firm due to the economic situations throughout the world. So with choice, great mortgage rates and economic recovery coming, why not call and we can look at your current value of your home and see if this is the time for a change.

If you have been overwhelmed with the snow removal this winter, this is also a good time to start the process to make sure you are securely in a condo or home ownership group location by next winter so you can hang up your shovel and just see the snow as landscape, not back breaking labour.

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