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Thursday, May 6, 2021 - WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED?

It's now the begininning of the third strict lock down. Everybody we see is tired of the situation. However the numbers of covid cases continues to rise. Being an essential service, I have been noticing that certain things are somewhat upside down. This time last year, we stayed home most of the time. When I HAD to go to an appointment, I was often the only vehicle on St. Albert Trail. The stores were empty, the banks kept clients waiting outside and yet we had very  low numbers of positive Covid cases.

This year at the same time, there is again quite heavy traffic on St. Albert Trail, stores are open and busy, Large unrelated groups of people are enjoying the new outside patios at most restaurants and nobody is enforcing the regulations. Now number of cases is incredibly high so it was a case of having no choice but to react. I hope very much that this lock down will work and all the sacrifices we have made will work to reduce our numbers. I want everybody to be protected and to be healthy. I am so sad for all the people we have lost this past year. I quite frankly want it all to stop. So I will continue to be very careful, I will keep my clients safe, my family protected and myself as well. I want us to get through this crisis and survive. Later we will have the chance to decide what changes will be forever and to heal from the isolation we have been forced to deal with. 

So if you have felt that you are alone in how you feel, you are not alone. Isolation hurt us all. When it is safe to do so, I hope you can re connect with your friends, family and neighbours. I don't want us to be alone anymore. 

posted in General at Thu, 06 May 2021 04:27:22 +0000

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